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Company Profile

Founded in 2007, FOHERB GROUP is a bio high-tech enterprise integrating the research, production and sales of health and regimen products. Its business covers health, e-commerce, biotechnology R&D, education, training and many more industries, as well as international markets such as Europe, Asia, North America, Africa, etc. 

Adhering to the corporate mission of "promoting regimen, benefiting human health", after constant exploration and innovation, FOHERB GROUP has established three regimen theories, namely "diet regimen", "behavioral regimen" and "psychological regimen" based on the achievements of modern life science and nutriology, as well as TCM's regimen concepts. It provides global users with high-quality products, professional services and a vast business platform, and brings green, scientific, healthy, beautiful and fashionable life to numerous consumers. 

Over the years, FOHERB GROUP has obeyed the charitable purpose of "Love and Benevolence" and actively participated in charitable undertakings at home and abroad such as disaster relief, educational donation, poverty alleviation, and orphan care, thus receiving extensive recognition and support from governments and all walks of life. 

FOHERB GROUP is a New Champion member of the World Economic Forum, a member of the CEO Roundtable on Cancer, a member of the Asian Brand Association, a vice president of China Council for International Investment Promotion, a vice president of the Economic Joint Committee of China Commercial Stock Enterprises, a secretary general of the Health Industry Committee of the Commerce Economy Association of China, and a director of the Internet Society of China.


In 2008, FOHERB GROUP advocated the charitable purpose of "Love and Benevolence" and helped orphans and disabled children everywhere.
"Benevolence" refers to a people-oriented and caring attitude. It required people to love one another. Confucius regarded "Benevolence" as the highest moral principle, moral standard and moral realm. FOHERB regards "Virtues" as one of its core values, upholds benevolence, responsibility and gratitude, and adheres to the charitable purpose of "Love and Benevolence", meaning to escort its development with excellent corporate ethics and repay the society with great love.
Over the years, FOHERB GROUP has obeyed the charitable purpose of "Love and Benevolence", advocated corporate citizenship, and actively participates in various charitable undertakings in China: disaster relief, educational donation, poverty alleviation, and cultural inheritance. It has fulfilled its responsibilities and obligations in actions, thus receiving extensive recognition and support from governments and all walks of life.

Three Regimen Theories

With the mission of promoting regimen, benefiting human health, after continuous exploration and innovation, based on western nutrition and traditional Chinese medicine concepts of health preservation, and achievements of modern life science, FOHERB GROUP established three regimen theories: Diet Regimen, Behavioral Regimen and Psychological Regimen to help people gain health.

  • Diet Regimen:

    Achieve health preservation through regulating diet.

  • Behavioral Regimen:

    Achieve health preservation effect through purposeful behavior.

  • Psychological Regimen:

    Achieve health preservation through psychological adjustment.

R&D Strength

FOHERB has established the R&D center system, the detection and test center system, and the trial production center system that are composed of TCM regimen experts, biologists and process engineers, long cooperated with many important universities and scientific research institutions to carry out constant innovation and research, and developed various high-quality products in view of the health demands of different population groups. The strong R&D strength provides scientific formulas for FOHERB's products, laying a solid foundation for ensuring the safety and quality of products. FOHERB's production base is located in Tianjin Baodi Economic Development Zone, known as the "Land of Treasures", covering an area of 25,928 square meters. Its production is completely subject to international quality standards and advanced processes, for which the overall quality of products are guaranteed at all manufacturing stages. The production base is equipped with modern warehouse, logistics and delivery workshops to ensure that the products can be delivered to all over the world in a timely and efficient manner.
FOHERB has carried out scientific research cooperation with Belarusian State Medical University, Tianjin University of Science and Technology and Tianjin Agricultural University, and established a strategic cooperation platform for production, teaching and research, thereby greatly facilitating their exchanges and development in the fields of human resource, scientific research, technical service and production practice, constantly improving the technological innovation level of FOHERB, and injecting new vitality into FOHERB's development.

FOHERB's "2035" Strategy

The "2035" Strategy is FOHERB's long-term arrangement to implement, the Outline of the Healthy China 2030 Plan, and the United Nations 2015-2030 Sustainable Development Goals. It aims to achieve strategic development in three stages through the year 2035 by linking the world with global strategy, leading the industry with global perspective, pooling resources with global platform, and empowering global industrial development with high technology.

  • The first stage

    Till the end of 2025, FOHERB will continue to promote the mode of "full-scenario new ecological marketing", comprehensively upgrade our customer service capability, R&D quality control capability, talent training capability, logistics capability, and financial capability, and cover 150 million consumers with our high-quality products and services.

  • The second stage

    Till the end of 2030, we will forge FOHERB a Chinese representative in the global health industry, and cover 250 million consumers with our high-quality products and services.

  • The third stage

    Till the end of 2035, FOHERB will become a leader in the global health and regimen industry in terms of theoretical innovation, strategic management innovation, scientific research and development innovation, intelligent production innovation, customer service innovation, brand building innovation, sustainable development innovation, social responsibility innovation, etc., and one of the world's most successful health and regimen business platforms, so as to provide hundreds of millions of families around the world with a times-leading, healthy and affluent life.

Core competitiveness:
full-scenario new ecological marketing

  • Full-scenario

    Covering all scenarios of the sales channel. FOHERB has innovatively extended its sales channels to online platform (Foherb Mall), offline platform (Foherb Quality Life Pavilion), and direct communication between people (Direct selling) to cover customers' all life scenarios.

  • New ecology

    In the Internet era, FOHERB empowers its marketing mode with high technologies, and drive its marketing mode to keep pace with the times and continue to evolve.