Welcome to FOHERB

Chairman's Speech

Mr. Han Jinming

Chairman of  FOHERB(Tianjin) GROUP Co., Ltd.

President of the World Health Industry Economic Development Alliance 

Executive member of China Council for International Investment Promotion 

Deputy director of the Professional Committee for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Drugs of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Executive member of Tianjin Entrepreneur Association 

Health is the cornerstone of a happy life, the fundamental driving force for career development, and the source of all achievements in life. FOHERB is founded on a dream of the health undertakings and regards "promoting regimen, benefiting human health" as its development mission. 

Regimen is a fashion, and FOHERB is a fashionable regimen brand. Scientific regimen is the cornerstone and fundamental guarantee for human health. FOHERB is committed to promoting the Three Regimen Theories of "Diet Regimen", "Behavioral Regimen" and "Psychological Regimen", providing global users with high-quality products, professional services and a vast business platform, continuously improving the public health, and providing global consumers with green, scientific, healthy, beautiful, fashionable and high-quality life. 

Over the years, we have been honest and trustworthy in operation in accordance with the law, aiming to advance industrial and regional economic development, and have actively participated in the charitable undertakings. We take on harmony, collegiality, friendship and virtues as our corporate core values, and established our charitable purpose of "Love and Benevolence" under the guidance of such core values. We actively plan and participate in charitable projects, perform our corporate social responsibilities, ensure growth with excellent corporate ethics, repay the society in our progress, and promote the harmonious development of society. FOHERB is willing to work with other excellent enterprises and partners in the industry to continuously transmit the positive energy of love.

Love is the soil where we harvest rewards; Love is the wisdom to grow blessings; Love is the benevolence with which we befriend one another. As long as each of us contributes a piece of love, the world will become more hopeful and energetic! We will forge ahead and work together for a better future of sustainable development! 

FOHERB GROUP is committed to being a practitioner for building the community with the health of humankind. FOHERB GROUP is committed to being a practitioner for building the silk road of health. FOHERB GROUP is committed to being a practitioner for "promoting regimen, benefiting human health". FOHERB GROUP is committed to being a practitioner for enhancing health quality of global families. FOHERB GROUP is committed to contributing wisdom and strength to the cause of human health!