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  • Adhering to the corporate mission of "promoting regimen, benefiting human health", after constant exploration and innovation, FOHERB GROUP has established three regimen theories, namely "Diet Regimen", "Behavioral Regimen" and "Psychological Regimen" based on the achievements of modern life science and nutriology, as well as TCM's regimen concepts. It provides global users with high-quality products, professional services and a vast business platform, and brings green, scientific, healthy, beautiful and fashionable life to numerous consumers.

  • FOHERB has developed six series of high-quality products, including health food, health equipment, cleaning products, cosmetics, small kitchenware, and household appliances, as well as a range of product brands such as FOHERB, Sevemon, XHQ, CONREYN, Healope, FUNDESEE, and MAPLEMAM. The company advocates the concept of green and healthy life to benefit global consumers with these product brands.

FOHERB has developed the Sevemon® Ganoderma, Shiitake Mushroom, Swift Moth and Paecilomyces Varioti Oral Solution (former name: FOHERB Oral Solution), the Sevemon® Radix Puerariae and Rhodiola Powder (former name: Phoenix High-Tech® Hetai Powder), FOHERB® Calcium, Iron, Zinc and Selenium Capsule, and other star products, which are approved as health foods. FOHERB boasts FOHERB® Kangxin Nutrient Solid Drink, Zhiyikang Nutrient Solid Drink, Tangyikang Nutrient Solid Drink, Guyikang Nutrient Solid Drink, Rose Oligosaccharide Drink, Vinegar Egg Drink, Blueberry Lutein Ester Tablet Candy, Chicory Polysaccharide Tablet Candy, Pulp Polypeptide Tablet Candy and other health foods.

The Sevemon® Ganoderma, Shiitake Mushroom, Swift Moth and Paecilomyces Varioti Oral Solution (former name: FOHERB Oral Solution) is FOHERB's leading product in the global market, which is made of ganoderma, shiitake mushroom and swift moth paecilomyces varioti mycelium powder. According to the Sheng Nong's Herbal Classic, ganoderma is a top-notch medicine, which is sweet and smooth in nature, can be absorbed the five organs, able to regulate qi and blood, harmonize yin and yang, calm and replenish the five organs, and help with the positive qi. Cordyceps sinensis and its mycelia (swift moth paecilomyces varioti mycelia) is able to nourish the kidney and lungs, is non-heat, non-dry, can replenish yin and yang, and tend to be flat in nature. This product is suitable for people with low immunity to enhance their immunity, as proved by animal experiments.

FOHERB has also developed a range of functional textile products, such as Healthy Magnetic Neck Support, Healthy Magnetic Waist Support, Healthy Knee Support, Energy Scarf, Healthy Magnetic Pillow, Healthy Magnetic Multi-Function Mattress, Negative Ion Far Red Quilt, Warmth Suit, and Healthy Female Panties; Qixue Wentong Health Preserver, Humidified Air Purifier, Time Machine and other household appliance products; and Negative Ion Sanitary Napkin Suit and other cleaning products.
In terms of cosmetics, FOHERB boasts a range of facial care products, such as XHQ Active peptide Revitalizing Multi-effective Mask, Beautifying Gel, Beauty Lifting Mist, Age Perfect Extraction Amino Acid Cleanser, XHQ Age Perfect Extraction Moisturizing Toner, XHQ Age Perfect Extraction Essence, Age Perfect Extraction Herb Beauty Lotion, Age Perfect Extraction Rich Moist Cream, Age Perfect Extraction Long-Time Eye Cream; and Warming And Relaxing Gel, Firming Shaping Gel, Glucosamine HCL Cream, Artemisia Annua Toothpaste and other body care products.

FOHERB attaches importance to technological innovation, and takes part in "promoting regimen, benefiting human health" jointly with famous experts such as Zhang Daning, a "master of traditional Chinese medicine". FOHERB has established a R&D team with TCM regimen experts, biologists and R&D engineers as the core members to build its R&D center and test center. FOHERB has carried out scientific research cooperation with Belarusian State Medical University, Tianjin University of Science and Technology and Tianjin Agricultural University, and established a strategic cooperation platform for production, teaching and research, thereby greatly facilitating their exchanges and development in the fields of human resource, scientific research, technical service and production practice, constantly improving the technological innovation level of FOHERB, and injecting new vitality into FOHERB's development.