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Corporate Culture

Core Values: Harmony Collegiality Friendship Virtues

  • Harmony

    It refers to the harmony between the enterprise and the nature, between the enterprise and the society, between the enterprise and its business partner, and between the enterprise and its employee.

  • Collegiality

    It means that the enterprise, its partners, and its employees shall respect each other, rely on each other and work together to help develop the enterprise and share the achievements of enterprise construction.

  • Friendship

    It emphasizes the friendship and gratitude between the enterprise and the society, the enterprises and its business partners, and the enterprise and its employees. The enterprise is a big family, in which all people should love, help and be grateful to one another.

  • Virtues

    The enterprise advocates virtue. Enterprises should shall operate in accordance with the law and good faith, and actively assume its social responsibilities.

Brand Advantages:
Professional,Focused and Globalization

  • Professional

    Professional products: FOHERB employs dozens of top-notch experts in the industry to form a first-class R&D team, carries out long-term scientific research cooperation with world-class universities and research institutions, and builds a strategic cooperation platform for production, education and research, thus forming the R&D center system, the detection and test center system, and the trial production center system. It relies on advanced production equipment and vigorous production process and quality monitoring, constantly performs innovation, and creates high-quality products with professional and comprehensive capability.
    Professional management: FOHERB always advocates that professional things shall be done by the professional, and builds a professional management team composed of talented persons from all over the world. They have depicted our corporate blueprint, formulated an excellent enterprise development strategy for us, in order to always maintain our strategic advantages and lead us to achieve great development.

  • Focused

    Focused on the industry: FOHERB always focuses on the health industry to carry out global business interaction provide a global business platform for all partners.
    Focused on the quality: FOHERB never let loose its vigorous requirements on quality. Under the scientific management mode, we always focus on quality control and scientific management in the whole process from raw material collection, R&D, production to marketing. We have obtained a number of quality certifications from dozens of countries and regions. These highly reliable certifications validate the dedication of FOHERB to quality.
    Focused on honesty: Since its founding, FOHERB has never given up its focus on quality, and has been honest and conscientious to every partner (as well as employee, supplier and marketing partner).

  • Globalization

    As a national enterprise, FOHERB's market development began in Europe. After years of global development, its health and regimen business delivers health to numerous consumers in countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Americas. FOHERB always believes that there is no national boundary and skin color in the pursuit of health. FOHERB is committed to global human health and Focused on future development. It relies on the globalized health and regimen undertakings and takes "Create the World's Most Successful Health and Regimen Platform" as its vision to advocate the TCM's regimen culture and a healthy lifestyle, and to develop, produce and promote health products, so that everyone on earth will have a healthy and bright future.

Three Regimen Theories

With the mission of promoting regimen, benefiting human health, after continuous exploration and innovation, based on western nutrition and traditional Chinese medicine concepts of health preservation, and achievements of modern life science, FOHERB GROUP established three regimen theories: Diet Regimen, Behavioral Regimen and Psychological Regimen to help people gain health.

4 Principles of Product Development - FTBM

  • F

    F stands for foreseeing future trend

    FOHERB shoulders the responsibility of inheriting TCM's regimen concept, exploring new directions for regimen, and illuminating the direction of progress for followers

  • T

    T stands for continuous technological innovation

    Innovation is the gene of FOHERB. Only by constantly surpassing yesterday and putting forward higher requirements for ourselves can we maintain our competitive advantages

  • B

    B stands for business development

    All products will eventually become a powerful tool to expand the business platform. Therefore, only products suitable for development are needed by FOHERB's global business platform.

  • M

    M stands for market demands

    Only products that meet the real needs of the market are vital. Demand is constantly changing, so the product must be constantly upgraded to better meet the requirements of consumers

How do work

  • Mutual trust:

    To believe the other party's motives

  • For the customer:

    When customers are satisfied, profits will follow

  • Recognition and encouragement:

    We support and encourage each other, and cheer and celebrate each other's success

  • Seeking excellence:

    We set higher and higher standards of work, and do better today

  • Accumulated experience:

    We sum up, absorb and share experience, and tutor each other

  • Teamwork:

    We are a team built for overcoming difficulties, and a phoenix team that can fight when called. The spirit of Phoenix Nirvana flows in our blood. Any obstacle in our way is a stepping stone to our success