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Social Responsibility

In order to achieve sustainable development by fulfilling social responsibility and devoting the power of love, FOHERB has suggested that the integration of "growth power", "influential power" and "fusion power" should be done in terms of corporate social responsibility, thereby systematically improving its to fulfill corporate social responsibility, and facilitate FOHERB to become an international enterprise with harmonious development, collegial management, friendly environment, and responsibility.In regard to building a long-term operation mechanism and charitable platform, FOHERB has formed a charitable project system in China with humanitarian aid for sudden disasters, targeted poverty alleviation in old revolutionary base areas, development assistance in ethnic minority areas, love support for poverty-stricken mothers, and donation to building schools as the main line; and a charitable project system overseas with love for poverty-stricken orphans, sports and health project support, and culture communication between the east and the west as the main line.

FOHERB clearly includes corporate social responsibility in the assessment of sustainable development, and actively participates in charitable activities to promote sustainable development. This has become the basic consensus of every person in FOHERB, thus constituting a strong cultural driving force and spiritual appeal in its development, and a strong force for it to achieve sustainable development.
FOHERB sustainably fulfills the responsibilities for promoting human health and regimen, advancing green development, facilitating industry progress, achieving social harmony, and continuously delivering positive energy.